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Struggling With Sleep? Here Are Some Fixes To Get Good Sleep

Sleep is an essential component of our life. Nowadays many people especially youngsters struggle with sleep. This might be due to their bad sleeping habits, stress, work, etc. Sleep is directly related to our mental and physical health. If you sleep properly, you will feel refreshed, energetic all day on the other hand if you lack sleep you would not be able to do any activity properly and would feel lethargic.

Not getting good sleep can affect your mood, your lifestyle, job, personal life, etc. A person should get at least 8 hours of sleep per day according to scientific studies & researches. Below are some tips to help you fix your sleep :

1) Use a good mattress and pillows :
One of the main reasons a person lacks sleep is mattresses and pillows. Using good quality pillows & mattress can help you get good sleep. Not only sleep but your body gets relaxed.

2) Power off you electronic devices half hour before sleep :
The major reason for getting no sleep is the use of cell phones, which many of us have a habit to use before we sleep. To get good sleep, you should make a habit of turning off your electronic devices half an hour before you sleep.

3) Avoid drinking caffeine products before sleeping :
Consumption of coffee before sleep can lead to sleepless nights. People who work late at night consume coffee so that they don’t feel sleepy. But for the ones who are struggling should not drink coffee before sleep.

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4) Exercise daily :
Try to make exercise your daily routine. Exercise will help you be in a good and healthy lifestyle and it will eventually help you in getting good and sound sleep. People who exercise daily usually don’t face problems in sleeping, because they invest in training their bodies which indeed needs rest and sleep at night.

5) Eat healthily:
Consume fruits, vegetables, juices, food containing vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. Avoid eating fried food at night, eat light food during your dinner such as salad, rice. Usually due to bad eating habits and not eating food on time leads to sleeping disorders.

6) Avoid smoking & drinking :
People who smoke and drink on a daily basis usually struggle with sleep. Alcohol is injuries to health, it contains many ingredients that may not lead you to sleep or may cause you sleeping disorders. Such drugs affect your body hormones and cause different disorders in your body.

7) Sleep at the right time :
Every person has a sleeping time. You really need to figure out whats your sleeping time after all your work at night. Once you are clear with your sleeping time and schedules you should make your routine to sleep on time no matter what, because once you skip that particular time of sleep you struggle the whole night to get good sleep. Moreover, you end waking up sleepless.

-Article By Jaspreet Khurana

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