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Sunny Wadhwani Shares AI-based Marketing and Cyber Security Insights at the Malwa Institute of Technology

In an enlightening seminar held at Malwa Institute of Technology, Indore, prominent lawyer, digital entrepreneur, and cyber expert, Sunny Wadhwani, captivated MBA and BTech students with his insights on digital marketing and AI-driven cyber security.

The seminar took place in the college’s spacious auditorium, attracting over 100 enthusiastic students eager to learn from the industry expert. For two engaging hours, Wadhwani delved into the essence of successful digital marketing and the ever-expanding role of AI in enhancing marketing strategies.

A primary focus of the seminar was the significance of content in modern marketing. Wadhwani artfully elucidated how rapidly evolving technologies, particularly AI, are revolutionizing the way digital marketers create and disseminate content. To demonstrate, he showcased impressive live demos on creating websites within minutes and drafting content that resonates with audiences, backed by data-driven insights and case studies of successful campaigns.

The seminar went beyond just marketing, as Wadhwani conscientiously addressed the prevailing challenges and risks in the digital world. He highlighted the perils of account hacking, nude video call scams, job frauds, and financial scams, emphasizing the need for vigilant cybersecurity practices. His expert advice on creating robust and secure passwords was noteworthy, leaving the students well-informed and prepared to navigate the digital landscape safely.

Expressing his gratitude, Wadhwani extended special thanks to the esteemed personalities of the Malwa Institute of Technology. Dr M.S. Murthy, the Director, and Dr Kranti Pandey, the Vice-Principal, were acknowledged for providing the students with a valuable platform to interact and learn from industry professionals. The dedicated efforts of teachers like Nikita Mam, Himanshu Sir, Madhuri Mam, and all the students who actively contributed to the event’s success were also recognized.

The students enthusiastically praised the seminar, expressing how it broadened their understanding of digital marketing and the critical aspects of cyber security. They felt empowered by Wadhwani’s insights and were eager to implement the knowledge gained from the session into their future endeavors.

In conclusion, the seminar by Sunny Wadhwani proved to be a transformative experience for the attendees. With heightened awareness of the significance of content and AI-powered marketing and a deeper understanding of cyber security, the students left the event with newfound confidence in their digital journey.

Advertisement The Digital VCard is your online Digital Identity.
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