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A life of dreams is a life well lived

Magic happens when you don’t give up. A dream is a wish that your heart makes; it’s an inner voice that lets you imagine. Make a new beginning; take a small step every day. With little patience and hope, you’ll not be far from that day when all your dreams will come true. We are such a unique part of this universe, and that’s where we have the power to create a change. Wish your dream with all your heart and see how your mind, body, and soul will help you achieve it.

Your dreams write your future. To accomplish your goals, let there be sheer perseverance running in your nerves. Keep trying at that, which gets your heart joyful. Be in a healthy competition with the person you were yesterday. Be better today. Stay happy that you are blessed enough to visualize a dream and make it come true. Make a list of tasks that you have to perform throughout the day/week to work more efficiently. When we are busy with our goals, there is not much time left for negativity. Help yourself in creating the kind of life you dream to live. Things become fine when you choose to shine. Everything works in your favour as long as you allow it to; let a strong purpose guide you, visualize a big picture, let it pull you forward; let it drive you to achieve heights in life. The more you dedicate to your art, the more it will return you. Embrace the good, endure through the bad. Learn not only from bad experiences but from good ones too. Our failures make us. They give us lessons to learn and opportunities to become better. They give us a chance to correct our mistakes and make us wise. Every hardship comes with some blessing, so we must focus on the bright side of things.

Never fear walking on a different path. It requires immense courage to run your own race. Be your own light. Believe that no crisis is too hot for you to survive. Set the bar high, break your records. Keep habits that heal; above all, stay flexible. Take chances rather than regretting later. Following your dreams and goals with full passion makes you a great person as you might be aware that every responsible citizen of the country adds to its prosperity. We must understand that when every citizen on the Earth plays his role in life with complete sincerity, nothing will stop our planet from flourishing in all the best and extraordinary ways. The actions you take every moment are creating your story. Make sure you live your best life. Don’t let the storms in your life break you; let them make you. Work hard and let happiness be the reward you give to yourselves every single day. The most incredible feeling in the world is when you get tears of joy in your eyes. Work hard for the kind of feeling that gives you joy and goosebumps.

The small pleasures you sacrifice today will make your big dreams come true tomorrow. When you enjoy your work, it becomes your passion, and once you reach a particular level of confidence with it, everything begins to happen effortlessly. Try and practice your work till you become skilled/excellent at it. As long as growth is concerned, you can always experiment in your chosen domain/field. Feel and do things with your heart immersed in them. Little changes bring huge improvement with time. Look at problems as opportunities to discover something creative of your own. Use setbacks as stepping stones, and make yourself proud. To make others believe in you, first, you need to believe in yourself. Get serious about your goals and see how you shall create an aura of intelligent people around you. Be your own game-changer. Most of the time, our difficult situations shape us to lead us to a path where we can follow a purpose so that other people do not have to go through the same pain/hardship that we went through.

Adjust, compromise, sacrifice; do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. Happy plus calm is a kind of superpower that can make you achieve the greatest goals and help you fight the biggest of battles. Our ultimate purpose and ambition should be that we all hope to see the entire nation happy one day. Focus on the positive, move ahead with all the courage and faith and see yourself arriving at your destination. In the process, don’t forget to embrace every little effort. Your goals are the choices that you make, so trust the process for the chance you take. Your dreams need you more than you need them. Keep reminding yourself about your purpose. From thinking and dreaming about it to start taking action, it makes all the difference.

Advertisement The Digital VCard is your online Digital Identity.
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Nitu Ramchandani

Nitu Ramchandani is a budding writer and author who has paved a way into the writing field with her elite books “Infinite Delight - 2019” & “A light in every direction - 2021”. She loves to explore things that inspire her. Her writing is enlightening many people and is motivating them to be a better version of themselves.

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