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Technological Advancements: Boon or Bane

Imagine one day all the gadgets disappeared from this world. How are you gonna react to this? How would you connect to people? Technology has blessed us all with every single piece of information in our hands. Like a coin has two faces so does technology. Technology has its own pros and cons. In this dynamic world of technology, things have become easier as well as complicated. Talking about technology as benefited, it has made life simpler.
Right from a small piece of information, gadgets, techniques, etc technology has immensely helped humans in doing things at the right time, the right way, and has taught us many features to keep ourselves updated. On the other hand, Technology has made us slaves. Nowadays we humans aren’t ready to do a single job without technology. Everything Is dependent on technology. The teenagers these days are all so badly influenced by technology that they have stopped stepping out of their homes and made cell phones and laptops their playgrounds.

Technology as a Boon :

1) Keeps us updated :
Technology has kept us all updated with information and tools in our hands. It has become so much easier to catch flights, call cabs, make payments, shop just with one click. It has made our lives simpler and better.

2) Time-saving:
Remember the times when you have to do all the work manually. With the growth of technology, we humans are free from burdens of doing all the work on our own. Example: computers used in banks to keep a record of all the financial statements of the clients. It has saved our time and effort.

3) E-learning :
Technology has made education so much fun and easier to understand. Children enjoy learning things that interest them, and e-learning is one of them. Children are free from the stress of taking their books along with them. They get to study for their subjects online. And learning has become so much simpler than before. After all, children are developing & enhancing their knowledge. Example: College’s educational portal and apps like Byju’s.

4) Communication :
Technology has connected us throughout this world. People can enjoy talking to others around the world. Example: webcams, google duo, and many social media websites provide us with video calling and voice call options. All thanks to technology for making people connected internationally.

5) Reduction in theft :
As you know with the advancements in technology, the number of theft has been reduced. Improved cameras, door locks, the introduction of plastic money, etc have made it all possible. Technology has slumped the number to a minimum and it has made people aware of many different crimes and thefts around the world.

Technological Advancements : Boon or Bane Motivate Feed
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Technology as Bane :

1) Increased dependency :
Technology has made us humans slaves. It has made an addiction to us that we cannot imagine our lives without technology. The improved and high tech mobiles, laptops & other gadgets have created a situation where we aren’t ready to do any work without technology.

2) Unemployment :
One of the alarming disadvantages of technology is that there are fewer jobs for educated people because machines have taken the place of humans. The ones who are suffering the most are the labor class who are dependent on factories for their work.

3) Health problems :
With the dependence and addiction to technology, people are facing health issues. Example: eyesight problems, backaches, migraine problems, etc. All these issues are emerging because humans are engaged all the time either on their phones or their laptops. The majority of the problem is faced by teenagers who are constantly involved in gaming, which has led to poor eyesight and back problems.

4) Expensive :
Technology is not available to all of us. There are people who aren’t aware of the new developments. Being expensive many people don’t get to use this because they cannot afford to buy such expensive things and also they lack the skills to use that technology

5) Technical failure :
Everything is access is always injurious and so is technology. With the day to day advancements in technology, there are problems of failures in systems, mobiles, etc. This has a huge impact on businesses that completely run on technology for their survival. Ex: The failure in computer systems as they need to be updated. This also leads to data being erased from the systems for which the companies have to bear huge losses.

6) Increased cybercrime :
Crime is a thing that can happen at any place. Technology has given rise to crime as well. People make use of things over the internet and they try to blackmail users online for money. Ex: theft from bank accounts are very common these days. Also, the increased number of duplicate profiles on social media is alarming because people aren’t aware of who is the person behind the screen.

From all the points discussed above, We can conclude that it totally depends upon an individual of how he makes the use of technology. Technology is used in the right way and the right place can never create losses or do any harm to your business and life. On the other hand, If technology is used in a careless manner and overused it can make things go in the wrong way. It can create losses to you, your business and it can badly affect the way you live your life. Either be a slave of technology or make less use of it and be independent. Choose wisely!

-Article By Jaspreet khurana

Advertisement The Digital VCard is your online Digital Identity.
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