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Awaken yourself to end covid

Before it gets late to control the situation, let’s all come together to minimize the adverse effects of covid-19. Now first, it’s essential to understand that how critical the present condition is. Too much negativity is spreading rapidly in different countries worldwide, which is making people suffer today. People are violating the norms set for wearing masks and following social distancing. Frontline workers are working day and night to take care of our health, and so, we all must salute their sacrifices.

On the contrary, stones are being pelted on the teams enforcing covid protocols in some areas. Fewer jobs have increased the rate of unemployment which is negatively affecting our economy. Less awareness is killing people as they cannot comprehend how serious the current situation is. The death toll is escalating day by day, and the very unfair practice of domestic violence is also intensifying, which feels discouraging and disheartening. Due to some people who are getting engaged in illegal trading of vaccines and medicines, covid is deteriorating daily. Everyone criticizes the government for not taking enough measures, but the question is whether everyone is ready to follow all the rules appropriately. It seems like no power, and no technology is able to save us from stopping deaths. A limited number of doctors in some areas and fewer beds and oxygen cylinders being available in some hospitals also create chaos. Mental health is also a big issue to be concerned about in such times.

Stop covid-19

Workers are migrating from one place to another in search of jobs. In addition, some people who live on daily wages are suffering a lot due to this crisis. There is fake news everywhere, and the harsh reality is that life goes on; we do not pause even when there’s someone’s death. As the usage of the internet is rising, online fraud and exploitation are also mounting. Rallies to run the elections are not a good sight during covid as people violate rules by assembling in large groups. Exams are getting cancelled, postponed, and education policies and regulations are also changing in some places. Children not having smartphones are suffering as they are unable to attend online classes.

Different initiatives provide facilities to underprivileged people in covid times, which have brought a ray of positivity and hope in such challenging times. Research is going on in various departments like health, medicine, and science, etc., to curb and minimize the effects of covid. Covid has taught us a powerful lesson that life can be very uncertain at times, but it also shows us that we humans can adjust easily in any scenario. We are advancing towards a more empathetic world, but let’s also not forget the need of the hour. Let’s all take preventive measures at home, follow the rules appropriately, and get ourselves checked and treated on time to avoid an unnecessary rush to the hospitals. Follow social distancing, get quarantined, get vaccinated, get medication on time so that it does not get late in getting proper treatment.

If we look at the bright side of covid, then there are some positive points too which are helping bring relief to all of us. It seems like nature is taking time to heal itself, but now we need to heal too. Unity is being seen among people as everyone is trying their best to help each other. Awareness is being spread regarding donations and charity so that some genuine causes can be everyone’s rescue. Everyone is encouraging positivity/optimism and adjusting their capabilities as they are learning to work from home. We can observe the many advancements in technology and other related fields to support people in need. The best thing that we as an individual can do is not panic and help people around us keep safety by making them aware of current scenario worldwide to end and erase this issue as soon as possible. Rather than blaming the system, we must understand that each of us is responsible for spreading the right kind of information regarding covid-19. Offer a helping hand wherever needed because together, we all need to gather enough courage to strengthen everything that this virus has destroyed.

Advertisement The Digital VCard is your online Digital Identity.
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  1. Really well written. Thank you for this thoughtful and pragmatic article!!
    In times like these, we realize how interconnected we are. We’re all in this together!

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