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Take care of your mental health

Fear and worry are the two worst diseases; they make you sick even before you are actually ill. We all need to realize that we are already strong from within and we can always decide/choose to be brave every time a situation challenges us, which would ultimately make us courageous. When we continuously think about the future, we become anxious. When we always want to keep ourselves busy, we keep thinking about what to do in the next moment (which builds anxiety), so we cannot fully experience the present moments/emotions. We must live in the present moment to enjoy life as it comes (sometimes we need to flow freely). Also, planning things can help to organize them better.

Often, we fail several times before we finally succeed. Our failures make us. They give us lessons to learn, and they give us opportunities to become better. They give us a chance to correct our mistakes, and they make us wise; so, why worry? Every hardship comes with some blessing, so we must focus on the bright side of things. The more you try to own and hold onto something, the more it slips away from you. Let there be a sense of balance and moderation in all things you do. Take care of your mental health in different ways in which you can cheer yourself up. Practice making and achieving small goals. Keep habits that heal. Using creativity of mind will ultimately help you in some mental exercise, and in the process, you will also explore how you can keep yourself happy.

People diagnosed with insomnia (difficulty falling asleep), anxiety and depression have to start medication. There occurs some chemical imbalance in the brain; there is a lack of happiness or other kinds of hormones (mainly dopamine and serotonin). Symptoms of these disorders include sleeplessness, crying easily, memory problems (difficulty in memorizing), feeling low (uncertain mood), etc. It’s best to eliminate the disease, bit by bit, by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. Doses of medicine keep changing. Treatment takes time and commitment. The first thing is to accept it.

Other measures that we can apply to cure it include:-

Practice gratitude, keep our faith bigger than the fears, make small goals and achieve them (happiness accomplished releases serotonin). Recovery or the process of healing is full of ups and downs, but it leaves you strong. So, don’t give up.

In some cases, there occurs relapse of these disorders. So, to cure the illness, we can always learn to be gentle/flexible with the growth process. Acknowledging feelings, healing ourselves by enduring through the bad, practicing keeping happy can also help. Anyone struggling with any such mental disorder should stay strong, reach out for help, remain flexible and positive. Take fresh air, observe the mood pattern and try performing tasks that involve some mental exercise (all these help in the release of happiness hormones). Some more ways to reduce anxiety at home include listening to inspirational songs, meditating, and thinking empowering thoughts. To reduce the stress, keep your mind engaged in some hobby, do some physical activity like walking/dancing, talk to a friend or family member or watch your favourite show/movie.

We can achieve our goals by smiling or anxious ways, so why not prefer the better option!! Remember the fact that you are not alone in your battles. Staying tough through different kinds of circumstances can make you believe more in your inner strength. It is completely alright to be vulnerable, but it’s also a brave choice when you choose to conquer your battles on your own. We never know who is suffering with what kind of hardship from within, so we must be kind to everyone. We could be the reason someone smiles today.

Advertisement The Digital VCard is your online Digital Identity.
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Nitu Ramchandani

Nitu Ramchandani is a budding writer and author who has paved a way into the writing field with her elite books “Infinite Delight - 2019” & “A light in every direction - 2021”. She loves to explore things that inspire her. Her writing is enlightening many people and is motivating them to be a better version of themselves.

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