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5 Dynamic Health Tips to Outshine Board Exams

When it comes to exams, studies, work or any daily chores the most important thing we generally tend to neglect is food and by neglecting it we are creating bloopers in our life. So this board exam yes everyone is stressed out, everyone is in tension, some wants to top the exams, some wants to just get the passing marks, some are planning for a better future and some are planning for their startups, while there are some people who are just lost in the woods and searching for what to do in the future and what to do of this exams? In all the questions and queries around in the mind jabbering with immense pressure and density is making children neglect their food and unquestionably it will and is affecting their health. And neglecting food is the most dangerous thing in life.

It is necessary for parents, teachers, and students to know and make themselves aware of the importance of food and health and how it can bring them the ladder of success. How food can help to achieve their goals and how food can help them to outshine in exams. Just follow this simple and little health tips and undeniably it will make you shine like stars in the sky.

To start with:

  1. First, you have to avoid junk food. In very simple words junk food slows your body and mind down and also causes various other health problems. So in short and simple words avoid junk food.

  1. Eat a gigantic amount of green leafy vegetables and dry fruits. The wonderful magic of those vegetables is they help in releasing tension from mind and also help us to get a better vision and focusing better.

  1. A heavy lunch is good for health but a heavy dinner can be little more for your digestive system, especially children.


  1. It is true that all are coffee lovers but the excess of coffee can land you dehydrated so drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. You can also put tea or green tea as an alternative option. The mystic of fluid is that they help in aiding mental and spiritual alertness, they help in preventing headaches and they help in building a better mindset. So make sure next time if you think of drinking anything go for coconut water, buttermilk, lassi, juices, soups and other healthy fluids which can be easily unified into your diet.


  1. Nuts are amazing for brains and they not only help to sharpen your intellectual skills but they also make your memory sharper and sharper, so make sure you consume them on a daily basis.

Well, they are more than enough to take care of mental as well as physical wealth. In our next article, we will make sure you get more tips for preparing for board examinations in a more fruitful and positive way. Motivate Feed wishes you luck and fortune and we pray that the paragon of knowledge bestows upon you.

Advertisement The Digital VCard is your online Digital Identity.
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