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5 Constructive Way to Increase Your Writing Speed

Speed is the utmost pearl to crack any examination or challenge without losing the superiority of our words or forgetting our thought processes. Few simple tricks and tricks can help you to improve what you type or what you write.

1. Practice English Language Pangram:

If you might have read pangram are those sentences which contain all the letters of alphabets and are mostly used for practice. There are many pangrams but widely used for practice is as follow:

“The Quick Brown Fox Jumps over the Lazy Dog”. The sentence covers all the alphabets into it which can make your writing speed much enhanced and advance your speed. As you will be habitual of writing all the letters it will be easier for you to grab up any word and write it with clarity as well as blazing speed. If you want to practice other pangrams too, you can practice the following ones:

a. The five boxing wizards jump quickly.
b. Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.

Hence, pangrams will help you to achieve your writing skills and abilities at heights.

2. Construct the pillars of your writing: When you are writing any answers, any essay or any article you have to make sure you are organizing your write-up already in your mind. You have to make sure you are well structured. We can clarify it with the help of an example: Suppose I have to write an essay on Bill Gates: I can organize my answer with the following bullet points:

1. We can state any quote from bill gates and start the answer like this:

As quoted by the richest man in the world that “Patience is the key element of success”, Bill Gates stands up-to his simplicity and acumen.

2. Give the Introduction part: Born in the city of water Seattle, Washington, United States, and spent his childhood bunking his mathematics classes to pursue his interest in computers.

3. Give detailed information related to his life and career.

4. Give information regarding his awards, business, and entrepreneurial journey.

5. Give a concluding note.

6. You can always end up with some positive thoughts and vibes again.

Hence always structure your answers with the best of approach and judgment. Don’t let your thoughts wander here and there.

3. Focus on your thoughts: Focus is the key ingredient in improving your skills. If you think you can lose focus or you can forget the answer or thoughts or ideas wandering in your mind then jot them down in rough so that you can retrieve it later. But, don’t lose your focus. Keep your eye-sight pinpointed and keep your mind free from all other chores of the world. The more you focus, the better your abilities will become to outperform your writing skills. Break your own records; get over what you were yesterday.

4. Read: Nevertheless reading habit is something which is very hard to adapt. But reading is not only confined to reading books or stories or novels. We generally have the misconception about the word “readers” that they are people who read story books or novels. But it is not so. The word is immeasurable. You can read anything; either it can be news, a piece of information, a book, a story, an article, a speech or anything. You just have to make sure whatever you are reading should improve your abilities. Gain as much information and knowledge you can. Gain as much as insights you can and when you write anything you will have a good vocabulary, good writing skills, good thinking skills and good amount of logic and judgmental sense.

5. Write up-to point: The last but not least whatever you write, make sure you are focusing on quality instead of quantity. Often we tend to write down pages and pages and don’t focus on what we are writing and just blabber our words. But it does not give the best output in any way. So make sure your words shine like stars in the sky are not mud in the river.

Without passion, you don’t have energy. Without energy, you have nothing. – Warren Buffet

Advertisement The Digital VCard is your online Digital Identity.
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