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How to heal a Broken Heart?

Everyone in life goes through a breakup, a painful memory, a drastic change, or any instance which put the heart to the stove of the volcano. We know that suffering doesn’t end so easily, we also know that pain lasts for a lifetime, we also feel lonely, we feel down in the dumps, we feel dejected, we feel rejected, but wait? is it the end of life? is our life over? were we born for living such a disgraceful life? Can’t we put our soul up and stay happy and merry and cherry and be the happiest person in life or work on your dreams and goals? Life does not end with a broken heart, instead, life starts with a broken heart.

What can you do to heal your broken heart?

Why do you feel that you are loneliest?

What will you gain by crying alone at nights?

Does a broken heart deal only with love or relationship?

Heartbreaks due to a variety of reasons, be it, family, be it the career, be it the relationship, be it marriage, be it, love, be it anything in our life. So firstly we can’t restrict broken heart only to relationships or love. We have to see a broader perspective and a vision to live our life differently. Remember what you see, what you fee, what you attract, what you do, what you want to do, every energy in the universe attracts it to happen. It’s the power of energy, it’s the power of mysterious forces diving in the universe, it’s the power of unlimited aura of nature, and that nature conspire whole of the world to make your dreams come true, to make your heart carefree with a happy feeling, to make your life cherishing to the heaven, to make your life one in a million. It’s just you have to start accepting some bitter facts, or rather turning those bitter facts into sweet chocolates and it them with the most beautiful flavors of life. Yes, there comes a chance to change your life to change your outlook to change your whole scenario of how to live a life. Here are few of the steps to transform your life from a broken heart to the heart made up of a warrior’s blood as it will shield your precious love and precious feelings like a warrior.

  1. Break-up, Trust, Friendship, Family, Career, etc. : Live your life in the happiest way.

If you had a breakup recently, if someone has betrayed your trust, is your family turning against you for your career or any of your decision, are your friends like “Et Tu Brute” , “You too Brutus” and are acted like a fake friend all the time and then betrayed you by stabbing behind your heart, don’t worry so much about it, Stay Happy. So how you define happiness? You have to make sure to give seeds of understanding to your heart. The condition of a broken heart is pathetic which lose its control of thinking or learning or feeling due to that miserable feeling, but that wretched feeling is just a matter of time.

– If you had a breakup remember that it was just a matter of time you knew the person, for whatever you did for that person, or whatever you feel or the love arose in your heart, keep it for future. Your love is worth infinite treasures because remember love inside a person never dies, it only gets transfers for the person it is made for or for the person who will cherish you and your love for eternity. That perpetual love will be the best healer for you. So always keep hope for the future. Always pray for the best. As said: ” If anything happens which is not planned for us, then it’s for our far betterment as its planned by the divine power and forces of the universe”.

The term “Love” can’t be expressed in words, nor it can be defined as any state of communication, but what pain you owe, what tears you express, what de-attachment it gives, it’s all to make you a stronger and stronger combatant. The more you fight the better you become, the more you deal with emotions, the better you become in handling your heart. You are just a little spirit made up of flesh and bones and blood. Never let anyone degrade your soul. And learn to stay HAPPY. Happiness is the only medicine which can bring you out of any depressed state of mind. Time is a thief so don’t let it steal your present. Build a future worth remembering.

– Set a vision, visualize a world which will bring you calmness and soothe to your heart.

– See people who care for you, experience the life with them, check your outfits, apply makeup, dress like it’s last time, and learn to cherish those little moments in life.

– See Mirror: You will see a legend standing in front of you.

– Feel everything from your heart and soul. Touch the glimpse of the jovial nature of people. Visit zoo, parks, museums, malls, look life around you and try to adopt the fact Life goes on.

– Don’t just let that imagination and feeling to the mind itself, instead create that imagination as mammoth as possible.

– With time and tide you will learn to embrace new people and let go off what happened in past and one day you will smile like a stupid and say yourself “How mad you were?” and how happy life you are living at that current point of time. So let go of the thorns like pains from your life.

2. Always Believe

Believe that there are more good people in life, believe that you will find them too, believe that you will encounter which such people who owe same mental level as you, believe that your life will change, believe that you will owe such gracious people in life who will build you out of nowhere and from scratch to finished product, believe that you will find trust again, believe that you will love again, believe that whatever decisions family is planning for you will always be for your best of interest, believe that it is possible, believe that it’s never too late for anything, believe that your life will change soon, believe that you are the owner of your life, believe that you can change the world, believe that you are born to create a difference in life, believe that you are the most beautiful person in the world, believe that your heart owes the power which is unbeatable, believe that your spirit is unconquerable, believe that your love is peerless, believe that whatever future will bring to you one day it will get you to sky, believe that this little life is all you need to live with happiness, believe that you are reasons for thousands of more people to smile, believe that the more you smile, the more you laugh, the more you live out of solitude, the better your life becomes. Always keep the fire of belief to the top, never let it degrade your charm, your magnetism, and your coolest aura to make yourself shine like the sun in other’s life. Remember Belief is everything that will bring you up-to-the top. Because belief will always keep positive hope in your life no matter how many times you fall down. Falling is not the problem, the problem is if you don’t get up and fight for what you are made for. So always keep a belief, a hope, a faith, and most beautifully keep your dreams, goals, aims, at the prior most position in your life. It will give you everything you deserve.

3. Keep Understanding

Understanding is the key to every problem. Understanding is the treasure dig in the veins of our soul. Understanding is the wealth of mind, understanding is the power of your personality. Understand your emotions and feelings. Nothing is ever a waste of life. If your emotions and your feelings are not valued at the current time then it does not means that they will never be valued. Have veracity for your feelings and with that perceptive, appreciate all that happened in your life. Understand the fact and move on. Ultimately whatever is made for you, eventually will find a way to yourself with space and tick-tock of the clock. So, always keep understanding in your life. Understanding is everything. Understanding will never let you down, instead, will raise your head like a legend and a warrior coming from a battlefield. Don’t let vices or any other emotions such as anger, fear or shame haunt you. Show them you are powerful and show them you are not just good, but you are a great person. Quality of your thoughts builds up your life.  So don’t let any clouds of negative vibes arose around you. Keep understanding of the world and your own core.

4. Change the way you visualize the bitter past

Past is something which has gone, which has vanished, yet whose ashes are still into our skin and memory. It teaches us bad experiences, good experiences and also with painful nostalgia we feel like our life has no meaning, we feel like it’s done, we feel like there is no more to live now, we feel like no one cares for us, we feel like we should give up, we feel negative thoughts and their essence, but we have to discover that the amazing present will surely build your perfect future. Yes perfect. People say perfect does not exist, but it exists. Imagination is everything. What you imagine is real. Hence there is no end to the imagination, so, therefore, there is no end to reality. So imagine your perfect future, start working for it, build your life with gratitude, contentment, kindness, love, care, help and never let your affectionate behavior or personality dig into the graves of zombie. Not everyone has a heart as same as yours.

5. Change habits and do what you love

Change your habits and do what you love.

– Listen to songs, paint, dance, visit places, see people, see life around you.

– Don’t let your past habits affect your current work.

– Work hard for your dreams and your studies.

– Transform your life, your knowledge, your skills, your attitude, your thoughts, your behavior, your whole gigantic pool of thoughts, and be a firm and solid person in terms of what is not meant for you.

– Be with people who you think cares about you or loves you or whose vibes make you feel positive and in heaven.

– Share your problems with those who actually will find you a solution. Don’t be the slave of your emotions or don’t let the world be your boss, instead, learn to make negativity your slave and learn to conquer the world with your mystic powers.

– Watch TV, play games, travel, write, visualize, express, speak – do everything which will give you different experiences. It will not only change your outlook on life, but it will change your whole life in itself.

– Always do what you love, always cherish what you have, always have love of your family, and no matter what never let anyone be speed breaker in your life. Time is a cruel master and it can steal anything from you, so don’t let Time master your life, instead, learn to master time and show it how powerful you can be.

6. Learn to accept.

Remember to accept whatever you get from life. Everything you get is a gift. Be it, love, be it hatred, be it sadness, be it depression. You are full of wisdom, you are full of courageous and valiant spirit, you are one man army. Just because something does not work in your life that doesn’t give a negative fact to your own personality, that you are like that, or it always happens like this, etc. You have to learn to accept life and its decisions. Embrace what others decide. Love is a very different topic to express and discuss its importance, but everything is real if you believe in it and you accept it. Understand and accept everything as a beautiful gift for you. Let all the negativity burn in the air, and let all pains evaporate with your every breath. Accept it. Accept the fact that you are lovable, accept the fact that you are one in a million, accept the fact that everything will pass, accept the fact that self-love and self-hope is the greatest form of love and hope, and accept the fact what destroys you is not for you, and what builds you will eventually be always with you.


Practicing such thoughts, and practicing positivity daily either by reading food for thoughts, or either by watching videos which motivates you or provides you inspiration is worthy of your life. See examples of great people in the world, MS Dhoni who lost love of his life at first, yet never got stuck by the loss, Ratan Tata, Ambani, Bill Gates everyone has a heart-wrenching story at the initial stage of their life, but what they did was they never gave up on their dreams and goals. They build their life and conquered the world. You are meant for the same. Stand, Fight Back, and HEAL, FORGIVE, FORGET, LET GO & create your own identity in this world.

Always remember, You are the creator of your life. Create or destroy is up-to you. Now choices are in your hand. Have a blissful life ahead. Keep Smiling like it’s the last moment you are living. Make others smile and be the reason for someone’s lift up. Build up your soul. Blessings and Love from Motivate Feed.


Advertisement The Digital VCard is your online Digital Identity.
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