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In this article, we will focus on how to study and manage our exam schedule. Indubitably we know it’s very tough to study at the last moment, we know how hard it is to revise everything or even get time for revision because we are not even able to complete our course on time. Indeed the most difficult task of life. The whole time management gets haphazard and we are down in the dumps thinking what to do and what not to do. But wait? It’s quite simple. It’s very easy. You just have to follow these little steps which will not only help to prepare in a better way for exams but they will also guide you for the rest of your life.

  1. Say no to cramming: To begin with first of all you should always believe in understanding the concepts and logic. Say no to cram. Cramming will only give you a temporary capacity to jot down what’s in your mind, but it will also get erased if you are distracted even slightly. So never ever try to cram the answers or anything. Go behind the logic, root out its reasons and believe it or not you will never ever forget it rest of your life.

  1. Manage your time: Time management is generally most hard to follow. Because what we think or imagine, we never stand up to it. At the last moment, we keep running from here and there for stationery, for food, for sleep, for notes, for everything. And yes these bad habits of ours land us into many problems. So it is very necessary to manage the time accordingly. Schedule your time for food, for sleep, for studying, for practicing, for roaming for everything and it will never ever give you any problem in life. It will create your life with full bloom and prosperity. Trust yourself and time will be yours. Time once gone will never come back, so instead of being a slave of time, master the art of the time.


  1. Avoid all-nighter: If you think that you are studying very hard by not sleeping and studying at night, then you are totally wrong. Lack of sleep dumbs you down as sleep plays a very vital role in thinking and learning. Lack of sleep hurts these natural processes of thinking and learning and blights many of our reasoning as well as logical abilities. Also, lack of sleep causes serious health problems which directly affect the heart. It ages your skin, causes depression, makes you forgetful, can help you gain weight (I guess no one wants to look fat), increases the risk of death and it weakens your judgments. After knowing all of these surely you will not be an all-nighter. Don’t be an owl, be the eagle and fly high in the sky in the light of sun creating a wonderful aura of beautiful mindset and learning abilities and capacity.

  1. Minimize Distractions: Try to minimize distractions and don’t focus on anything other than your studies and health. Remember time is a thief, once it is gone then it never comes back. Well everyone is aware of the concept of time and space, so make sure if you let go this time of studying it won’t come back again. Utilize your time and your skills and be focused, don’t get distracted by any lame reason. Nothing will be more powerful than your own education to you as it will build you for rest of your life.

  1. Maximize Practice-Testing: Practice makes a person perfect. Indeed the truest statement ever existing in the world. Practice is harder and harder. You have to not only solve questions or write answers but you have to make yourself ready to answer any question in the examination, you have to be so intellectual that even the hardest questions are so easy for you and that is only possible when you practice a lot. So make sure your practice builds up best academics for you.

  1. Organize your study space: Cleanliness is next to godliness and the cleaner your table is the better your heart and mind feel. Yes, make sure your workspace is clean and tidy. An organized workspace gives you more sense of studying and creates a positive feeling in mind towards knowledge, education, and mindset, learning process, and overall personal abilities.

  1. Use flowcharts and diagrams: Flowcharts and diagrams have a better way of communicating and they leave an imprint in the mindset. They not only clear the logic but the lasting impression in the mind helps us to retain the information.

  1. Explain your answers to others: The more you explain your answers to others the more your confidence is built out and more self-assurance is built. Additionally, it brings doubts to others which also build your insights and analytical ability skills.

  1. Take regular breaks: Don’t just continuously sit and only study, take regular breaks. It will release tension, depression, and anxiety from your mind. Keep your heart happy and jovial. A blissful spirit will help to build the best personality. Keep eating, keep drinking water, and keep focusing on other aspects of life too but within a limit of breaks. It will help to maintain your schedule too.

  1. Plan your exam day: Last but not the least plan your exam day. Make sure you are in the examination hall on time and you have all the needful with you. Don’t wait for last moment study or revising. Make sure you are free and relaxed from your mind. Plan the paper accordingly to the time intervals and also keep a watch with you. It will help you to tackle the ups and downs of time management.

Hence by just following the above-mentioned tips, your examination will fly like a rocket in the sky and your scores will touch the core of the universe.

Advertisement The Digital VCard is your online Digital Identity.
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