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Learning Styles to Reform Your Life

Learning is part and parcel of life and there are a variety of methods and ways we learn and earn knowledge and interact with our daily life and people around us. Hence there are different modalities in which a person interacts. The basic and general meaning of modality states how students use their senses in their daily learning process.

Most common there are 4 types of learning modalities:

  1. Visual (What you see – seeing)
  2. Auditory (What you hear – hearing)
  3. Kinesthetic (In Motion – moving)
  4. Tactile (What you touch – touching)

We very well know the multiple sense we activate the more we will be able to increase the depth and width of our knowledge and intellect. So the more modalities you activate in your daily life and chores or work the better learning will take place.

Students who score extraordinary marks in their academics or in their other daily sports or hobbies are not because they are born with any great or inherited skill, everything is learned through a process of their sense and mindset used in a correct direction. It also helps to enhance those students who are weak in learning as we can allow a particular modality to a particular student to advance and cultivate their skills and learning mindset. In a classroom, the teacher should focus on providing all the four modalities as it won’t only help to build a student in one particular direction but it will also cultivate their overall personality and individuality.

Let us see the traits of all the learning modalities.

  1. Visual learners have the following characteristics:

  1. They are equipped with a great observation power and skill.
  2. They not only have good spelling, note taking but also astounding organizational skills.
  3. They prefer neatness.
  4. They learn more about illustrations, charts, graphs and accompany reading.
  5. They prefer quiet and serene surroundings.


  1. Auditory learners are outfitted with following distinctiveness:

  1. They enjoy reading, listening and being able to read to.
  2. They tend to verbally explain concepts and scenarios.
  3. They like music, sound and humming to themselves.
  4. They enjoy a mixture of talking and listening.


  1. Kinesthetic learners knit the thread of following individuality:

  1. They are demonstrative and outgoing.
  2. They enjoy physical movement and manipulative.
  3. They are willing to try new things in their life to out glow their intellect and skills.
  4. They are messy in habits and surroundings.


  1. Tactile learners have the following perceptions of their personality:

  1. They prefer manipulative when establishing a new skill.
  2. They translate event and phenomena.
  3. They are artistic in nature.
  4. They learn the tactics by touching and developing their ability to interpret a particular thing.


As an educator you can organize varies activities for the growth and development of children. In terms of visual varies tools can be used such as charts, lists, illustrations, webs etc. Also, text can be accompanied by them. Use of whiteboard and smart board can be used as a way of demonstration. Judicious use of films and other visual media help to keep the long-lasting impact on mind and heart.

Auditory learners can be provided with verbal instructions for tasks and assignments and lecturing is the best mode for auditory learners. Oral presentations, speech, debate, group discussions, audiobooks can help to regulate vocal tone and inflection and encouraging students to talk out solutions and verbally express their reasoning and analytical skills. Hence, presenting content through music can help to recall information with the help of lyrics, music, beat and audio tones and songs.

When it comes to kinesthetic learning hands-on activities can be done. Field trips, experiments, games, sports, dancing etc. can be incorporated to give children better learning lessons. Doing is better than just watching or listening and some people are more comfortable in enjoying and learning through motion.

In terms of tactile learning tangible representations of material technique can be used and encourage students to take notes during lectures, also providing opportunities to create illustrations (through drawings or paintings) and using trace letter and words with fingers technique can be easily used to enhance the skill sets of the students and learners.

The above modalirities helps one to create an awe-inspiring personality and shape up the mindset in such a way that it helps to excel and outshine in the world.

So make sure when you are teaching you to focus on all the learning styles of when you are trying to learn you try to sharpen all your skills which helps to build a stronger and better person out of you.

As said, where there is a will there is a way and hence keep up your willpower at the peak to develop your complete persona.

Advertisement The Digital VCard is your online Digital Identity.
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