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How Does Social Media Affect Youth

“The more social media we have, the more we think we’re connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other.”  -JR

In today’s day and age, we all use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat to be updated about everything around us, we all want to know what is trending in our social circle, etc. But on the other hand, overdoing all these activities can lead to unfortunate results. With each passing second, our dependency on technology is getting increased. We all are becoming victims of the consequences of overusing technology or simply social platforms.

Positive Impacts of social media on the youth are as follows:

Staying in touch with your friends
Social media has made interactions and interconnections relatively simpler for the young population as you can interact with whoever you want to despite being in different locations. This feasibility of interacting, leads you to share ideas, gather information from different parts of the world.

Making new friends
It is true that social media has given rise to many new long-lasting friendships. On a daily basis you interact with different kinds of people and anyone who lands on the same view and perception, that of yours, you immediately connect with that person and hence you form a close bond with that person. Also, by using different facilities of it, you can also contact your old school friends or childhood friends with whom you were not in touch with until now and can reconnect with them.

Corporates are also using social media for advertising
Now social media is not considered just for socializing or networking with people but is also seen as a platform and opportunity by corporates to advertise their product as almost all their target group exists here. By doing this, they also generate employment opportunities for youth such as bloggers, YouTubers, etc to advertise their product as they are relatively popular on such platforms.

People can express their honest opinion
Social media has made it possible for people who are introvert or shy to express whatever they want to and however they want on any of its platforms without the fear of speaking out as social media is a means to express whatever is in your mind.

You are updated of what is happening around you
The youth regularly surfs and uses social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, etc and is updated about what is happening in the whole world, what is trending, what is going viral, the reasons why it is going viral and can form perceptions about it. In this era, it is very important to be aware and informed about all the trends that surround your environment as it plays a major role in your perceptions and interconnections.

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Negative Impacts of social media on the youth are as follows:

A lot of your time is spent on social media than with your family or friends.
The closer you are getting to social media platforms, the farther away you are moving from your family and friends. Being on any social media platform is like devoting all your precious time to it. One may not realize this, but it’s the truth that you choose to spend most of the time on Instagram, Snapchat, etc than hanging out with your family or friends. You choose to wish birthday to your friend or any family member through any social media platform but do not take the time out to give them a call or go and wish them face to face.

Cyberbullying is one of the most dangerous and highly committed crimes on the Internet today. There are many people who just have the audacity to sit behind their computer screen and troll somebody by body shaming or insulting them about their looks. It affects people’s mental health and can also cause anxiety or panic attacks.

You get obsessed with it
One of the major drawbacks of social media is the addiction or obsession towards it. You get excited about using and exploring frequently updated new features in almost every social platform as you are not getting bored with it anytime soon. Before putting up a picture on Instagram you spend one-hour editing it and asking your friends about their opinion. You do all this because you are obsessed with the likes and comments you will get.

Sooner you will start feeling isolated
The first thing you do when you wake up is to check your phone that is checking your Instagram, the last thing you do when you go to bed is check your phone. Thus, when you start and end your day surfing on your social media apps, you hardly think about anything else and sooner you will start feeling isolated in your present life because today you are prioritizing social media over everything in your life.

Also affects your physical health
Social media is not only responsible for affecting one’s mental health but is also responsible for affecting one’s physical health as it may cause you eyesight problems, back problems and can also lead to an increase in your weight or even blood pressure.

In the end, it is up to us to decide, whether we want to control social media or let it control us.

-Article By Janhvi Nagpal

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